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Image Advisors International
offers innovative organizational development solutions that includes leadership development training and employee learning programs.

Image Advisors International specializes in the delivery of highly effective leadership assessment and training programs. From introductory leadership skills for high potential employees to enhancing the skills of emerging leaders and executives, we provide a wide range customized assessment and leadership development programs to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our training programs focus on the key concepts of effective leadership, offering a toolkit of leadership strategies.

Our Focus:

  • Talent and Organizational Assessments
  • Training, Development and Retention
  • Effective Team Building Strategies and Activities
  • Leadership Consulting and Development
  • Entrepreneurial Consulting and Development

The features of our leadership development programs include: the development of self-awareness around strengths and areas for development leading to the ability to make better choices in order to produce better results. Participants will develop the skills that are required to lead effectively and feeling empowered to have a greater impact on your organization.

We work with organizations looking to make meaningful change, develop potential and achieve success. If you have a desire to maximize the performance of your organization Image Advisors International is committed to helping you achieve this vision.
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