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Develop, refresh and manage your personal and professional development in 2-hour increments with a targeted, leadership conversation with
Carol Lombard, Founder of Image Advisors' International Professional and Organizational Development.

Learn how your image and the impressions you leave upon others can and will determine your relationships, social resources, personal income or business revenue. Each session will conclude with life-changing skills you can use immediately. We will also discuss advanced programs that are offered and determine the best course of action for your success.

Carol Lombard of Image Advisors' International will be in the following North American cities.

Elkton, Maryland
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chicago, Illinois
Charlotte, North Carolina

Jacksonville, Florida

Meet with Carol personally to manage your image and

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Each Individual Leadership Conversation encompasses two hours of theory and practice, e-book, e-handouts and a complimentary MP4/Video, .
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