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Kind words from our valued clients...

I want to thank you for today's meeting. I will recommend you to other organizations that could use your help; as we all can for sure!
Click here to view recommendation Lauren S, -Doylestown, PA

I am so very thankful for the services that I have received from Carol at Image Advisors International.

As one who struggled in confidence and assertiveness. I now have the tools and techniques to strengthen my position at work and in my personal life. I would certainly recommend Image Advisors to anyone who is looking to improve interactions with others and want coaching to handle interactions both professionally and privately. The coaching truly works. Thank you. Click here to view recommendation
Danielle J, -Philadelphia, PA

Carol is an expert in her field and a very learned professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of business communication, leadership development and cultural awareness. I highly recommend her firm and plan to use their services again in the near future. Barbara H, -Spring City, Pennsylvania

You know, it warms my heart to see a company like this. So I feel absolutely compelled to share. I commute to New York every weekday, watching guys commute in suits with sneakers and backpacks, and watching executives hold a fork in their fist like L'il Abner over lunch.

We live in a society that believes it's a good thing to dumb itself down to its lowest common denominator so as not to offend anyone. My view is the exact opposite - that we should all strive to be the best that we can possibly be. That makes life worth living, and gives you a sense of satisfaction that you could never otherwise achieve.

Ms. Carol Lombard of Image Advisors International knows what it means to have poise, class and to have 'presence,' and best of all, she's willing to share her knowledge.

I had the privilege of meeting this fine lady several weeks ago at a formal tea held by my wife. I truly believe that your grooming and how you dress in a social context does in fact impact your attitude, how you feel about yourself, how you act, and your ultimate success in life, and so does Carol Lombard.

Carol will show you how to live your life with poise and self-confidence and achieve success. Then after you've achieved your success, see my wife and she will show you how to wisely spend that money to make your quality-of-life the best it can possibly be. I can attest to that from first-hand experience.

So thank you, Carol and my wife. You are both doing God's work. My admiration for both of you is more than you will ever know.

-David Nogar of The American Flaneur Suburban Philadelphia, PA of The American Flaneur...Click here to view

Carol has amazing grace and style. Her classes are full of great information that can be useful in all kinds of places and different situations!
S.H.Herndon, Moorestown, NJ

You know that poem about people coming into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? Well, I want to thank you Carol Lombard for coming into my life for a reason, season AND a lifetime. Thanks for always pouring GOOD things into me. I am a better person for just knowing you and that's the truth. I'm filled with admiration in the way you live your life.
-Andrea P, Chicago, IL

"I have had the pleasure of working with Carol and her line of upscale, beautiful clothing for the last 2 years and love the items (that I cannot find anywhere else) and look forward to every new season! Professional and quality!"
-Deborah D, Naples, Florida "Click here to view"

“I have engaged Carol Lombard to assist me with wardrobe issues on a number of occasions and have been thrilled with the results each and every time. We began with a color and style analysis. My closet is filled with great clothes in colors and styles that complement me and my lifestyle.”
- Shawne K, Oakland, CA

"Carol has always been resourceful. She brings that determination and commitment to her clients. As a client, I look for quality at a reasonable price and her upscale clothing line is a Godsend especially being able to mix and match items for a complete wardrobe."
-Stacey S, Chicago, IL

I met Carol Lombard over a year ago. It was evident that she had a style that was polished and professional, but there was something else: an on-trend, youthful look that was perfect for the woman who is poised in her career. When she told me that she was and image consultant and was representing a clothing line, I knew I had to work with Carol and to view the clothing line. I was not disappointed. The clothing line offered a wide range of colors and looks so that everyone could find something - cool colors, warm colors, suits, dress pants, jeans, coats. I chose a cool-toned pink jacket that was perfect for my coloring. When it arrived, it was folded and packaged with great care. When I examined the jacket closely, I spotted tailoring fine points like a pleated lining, turn back cuffs, well-crafted hardware and substantial fabric that does not wrinkle. From the early Spring collection had several pieces that incorporated the new mesh trend, but in a thoughtful, toned down way that everyone can wear to work. I even found a pair of white pants that actually fit! I was grateful when Carol gently suggested that perhaps a different neckline or trouser cut might be more suitable for me. The other thing I noticed about Carol was her gorgeous custom beaded jewelry. I asked her where she found that necklace and she told me that she designed it! Tasteful impact pieces that are not too big or too garish or copycats of the stuff you see on line and in the stores, all crafted from real stones! I trust Carol's style and I have scheduled an appointment for a closet edit. Check out her website. You will definitely find something unique and stylish.
-Ann S, Wilmington, DE